Member Dues

Regular membership – professional communicators in industrial, nonprofit, government, educational and other organizations. This also includes educators, consultants and other professionals in the communication field.

Annual dues

  • New members: $344 (includes a $40 application fee*)
  • Re-joining lapsed members: $344 (includes a $40 re-application fee*)
  • Renewing members: $304
*$40 fee waived during membership month.

Want to persuade your employer to support your membership?
Here’s how

Student membership – full-time students of colleges, universities and other educational institutions, as well as part-time students working towards a degree, who are not presently working in the organizational communication profession. Dues are $53.

Student transitional membership – current IABC student members within one year of their graduation from a college or university. The regular application fee is waived and the student pays half of the $344 international dues.

Retiree membership – individuals who were regular IABC members for at least five years, are generally considered to be retired, and are at least 55 years of age. Dues are $53.

International membership included
When you join IABC, you become a member at the international, district/regional, and chapter levels.

Easy Payment Plans
For your convenience, you may use VISA®, American Express® or MasterCard®to pay for membership fees. You can even split your dues into four monthly payments, if necessary.

Joining IABC is easy

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