If You Missed It … “What You Like Doesn’t Matter”

Charlie Stephan is an Associate Creative Director at Swanson Russell in Lincoln, Nebraska. He spoke to IABC Lincoln at its professional development lunch on October 19, 2016.

A video of her presentation is posted on YouTube at Charlie Stephan presentation (The video will open in a new tab/window.).

Charlie Stephan was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, before moving to Texas to get an advertising degree at TCU. He moved back to Lincoln in 2006 to take a job as an Associate Writer/Producer at Swanson Russell, where he continues to work today as an Associate Creative Director. Charlie is responsible for branding and communications for local clients such as Runza and Union Bank, as well as national accounts in the outdoor recreation industry. He resides in Lincoln with his wife and their furry, four-legged child.