If You Missed It … Behind the Scenes of a TEDx Talk

Dr. Dave Whitt spoke on the topic, “Behind the Scenes of a TEDx Talk”, at IABC–Lincoln’s April 21, 2016, professional development lunch.

Dr. Dave Whitt is Professor of Communication at Nebraska Wesleyan since 1991. He’s originally from Marquette, Michigan, has a B.S. from Wayne State College, and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Dr. Whitt has co-edited and contributed to three books on comparative mythology. He also contributed book chapters to anthologies about the British TV series “Doctor Who” and using graphic novels and comic books in the classroom. Dr. Whitt teaches about Persuasion, Mass Media, Communication in the Professions, and Songs of Ascent: The Music and Meaning of U2.

A video of his presentation is posted on YouTube at Dr. Dave Whitt presentation (Link will open in a new tab.).