Student Tips

Résumé Tips

  • Put your contact information at the top of your résumé
  • List your educational information first, including degree, major, and institution attended
  • Include your work experience in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent
  • List leadership experience in volunteer organizations
    Use action word to describe your job duties and accomplishments (e.g. achieved, produced, published, composed, etc.)
  • Résumés should be both digital and printable
  • Label each section clearly and leave white space
  • Use white or off-white, 8-1/2- X 11-inch paper
  • Use nondecorative typefaces with a font size of 10 to 14 points.

Career Search Tips

  • Most jobs are heard about by word of mouth, so networking is key
  • Internships are a great foot in the door
  • Once you land an interview, go in prepared. Make sure you’ve done your homework about the organization, its clients, and its competitors. Be prepared with a few well-thought out questions.
  • Don’t overlook the little things—thank you notes after interviews, and follow-up calls.

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