September 20 luncheon: “Omaha Steaks and The Celebrity Apprentice…Can’t Trump This Merger of Branding and Sales”

September’s IABC luncheon will serve up Elizabeth (Beth) Weiss, APR, Omaha, sharing what happened when Donald Trump challenged celebrities with marketing the appeal of Omaha Steaks, a Nebraska-based company that has earned an international reputation for quality products.
The September 20 luncheon will get underway at NET, 1800 N. 33rd St., with registration and networking beginning at 11:45 a.m. Beth’s presentation will go from Noon to 1 p.m., with time for questions and answers.

Beth has served as corporate communications director for Omaha Steaks since 2005, and public relations manager there since 2001. A former member of the Board of Directors of Public Relations Society of America-Nebraska chapter, Beth also served on the national public affairs committee of the American Meat Institute, and is a member of the Integrity Awards committee of the Heartland Better Business Bureau.

A graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she has worked in advertising, marketing communications and public relations for more than 25 years with companies, including Mutual of Omaha, the Scoular Company, and UnitedHealthcare of the Midlands.

From the August meeting: How to write for social media

by Mike Mascoe, Public Information Specialist, Lower Platte South Natural Resources District

I tolerate salad.  It’s never been a favorite of mine, so, obviously, I don’t attend many IABC meetings for the food.  It’s the networking and presentations I enjoy most.  At the August 23rd meeting I met Jerry Kane of Nebraska Game and Parks.  At this meeting there wasn’t time for much chat, but the lengthy presentation; Steve Crescenzo’s “Writing for New Media” webinar; more than made up for the shortened networking.  Crescenzo has an informal, off-the-cuff presentation style, which is exactly what he advocates in social media writing.  Even if you’re representing your employer, Crescenzo suggests the most successful “blogs” (he used the term blogs to also mean Facebook and Twitter) feature people being themselves.

Really successful new media writing, Crescenzo stressed, has three elements:  you writing to the audience, the audience writing to you and the audience writing to each other.  He showed great communication skills when he explained how all three of these elements came together in a blog by Bill Marriott that resulted in “incredible publicity” for the hotel giant.

Another great tip was to tell new media users who is writing.  No one wants to talk to the NRD.  They want to talk to Sally or George.  Have the writer initial each entry and have it link to a page about the writer.

Two final suggestions he makes is to always keep in mind what you’re trying to accomplish and if you want responses to your entries, ask for them.  So, here goes…How ‘bout pizza sometime?

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