Member Spotlight: Sandi Karstens

Sandi Karstens
Sandi Karstens

When her mind isn’t off on a distant island with warm sunny beaches and swaying palm trees, IABC member Sandi Karstens keeps busy with her communications position at NET here in Lincoln. Sandi started at NET a little more than a year ago as Communications Coordinator. She enjoys her work which includes writing press releases, sending out promotional material for NET events and helping at NET events.

“I really love my communications team and I really enjoy working with the talented producers here at NET promoting their work,” Sandi said.

Before she came to NET, Sandi worked at the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at UNL as a communications specialist for 13 years. As grounded as Sandi might seem, her wanderlust takes her to warmer climates of the world. Sandi and her husband, Tim, prefer traveling to Hawaii. They’ve been there four times. They also like to travel to the Caribbean.

She says her love for travelling started back in college when she had the opportunity to study abroad in Australia. What attracted her there? The climate and the beaches … oh, and the good journalism program at the school there. A win-win.

Sandi says she also hopes to visit all 50 states before she hits the age of 40 (that’s in 3 years). She’s been to 39, so far. In the next few years, Sandi and Tim are planning trips to the Carolinas, New England and an Alaskan cruise to reach her goal.

She has this tip to offer when traveling: “You just gotta do it. If you want to travel, you got to make it a priority, plan it and do it! And, try not to take things too seriously. Getting there is half the fun!”