Member Spotlight: Dee Fuehrer

You might have enjoyed it on a cracker or stick of celery. Or, you might haveseen the red and white container while strolling through the cheese aisle at your local grocery store. Fuehrer’s Cheespred. It’s the name of the creamy deliciousness invented by Dee Fuehrer’s mom and dad. Dee, an IABC Lincoln member, remembers the days of her parents’ family market in Sutton, Nebraska. Fuehrer’s Market was a meat specialty store. In 1960, her parents started making and selling their cheese spread.

Its popularity has grown over the years. After her parents died, Dee and her brother, Jerry, kept the business going. In 2014, Jerry passed away leaving the business to Dee. She has one full-time employee and one part-time employee in Sutton who make and deliver the cheese spread to grocery stores. Dee takes care of the business side of things.

You would think this is a full-time job for Dee, but it isn’t. By day, Dee works at SCORR Marketing, a marketing and communications firm in the health sciences industry, as their trade show director. Her career in trade shows began years ago at MDS Pharma Services where she became adept at devising and directing comprehensive trade show platforms.


“The transition from working at companies like MDS and Cetero came easy because SCORR handles marketing for those types of companies,” Dee said. “My expertise from being in that industry just transferred to SCORR.”

She is also one of the few trade show and event marketers to have earned the Certified Trade Show Marketer (CTSM) distinction, an accomplishment that took four and half years to achieve.

Her advice on setting up for a trade show:

“When I’m doing the planning, I take extra precaution when shipping show assets, especially when shipping internationally. I do it as far in advance as possible. Preplanning is best, to avoid undue costs due to poor planning. You strive for perfection, because that is what the client is expecting and why they hired you.”

When Dee is not preparing for trade shows or selling cheese spread, she is a committed TeamMates mentor. She joined four years ago after listening to TeamMates founder Tom Osborne speak about the organization that pairs adult mentors with school-aged children. She said her son, Scott, is an adult and it felt like a good way to spend time with a child again. She’s currently mentoring a 7th grade Irving Middle School student.

“You really feel good after spending time with a child. It’s really rewarding, and I think I get more out of it than she does,” Dee said.

Dee is a huge Husker athletics fan, and not just football. She also enjoys attending volleyball, men’s and women’s basketball and baseball games. She also likes to go to music concerts. What does she watch on TV?

“I have a penchant for reality shows that involve dance or singing competitions,” she said.

Back to the cheese spread… Dee says Fuehrer’s Cheespred will continue with her son.

“It’s my mom and dad’s legacy, and both Scott and I want to carry it on for them,” she said.

Most Lincoln grocery stores sell it, such as Hy-Vee, Russ’s Market and Super Saver. Dee says she prefers to eat the cheese spread on celery or a flatbread cracker, but it’s also good on baked potatoes, grilled hamburgers, and there’s nothing wrong with eating it with wavy potato chips or pretzels!