Member Spotlight: David Frye

David M. Frye
David M. Frye

Web designer, business communicator, book manuscript and physics research paper editor, former pastor and writer of Fortran computer code, and avid stamp collector. All of these things describe one man. David Frye is a member and the webmaster for IABC Lincoln. David currently owns He describes his business as a collection of freelance services, including web design, business communications, landscape photography, and more recently, editing, all of which have grown out of earning a master of arts degree in journalism at UNL. Before getting into what David does now, we have to start at the beginning. He grew up in Pennsylvania, and he’s had quite a journey on his way to Nebraska.

David started college as an actuarial science major. At the end of his freshman year, he found a love for physics and changed his major. That wasn’t enough for David. He was also interested in writing and theology. Following graduation, he entered the student summer research program at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago and worked in high-energy physics, writing Fortran code for a summer. Following that, David went on to begin a master’s track in astrophysics at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore.

“It was the first time I met serious academic competition,” David said. “I decided to leave that and went to the Lutheran seminary in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and got a Master of Divinity degree in theology.”

This decision led him to western Nebraska to become a parish pastor for a few years. Why western Nebraska? David said he and his wife, at the time, wanted to find a place near her parents who lived in Colorado. He said it was easier to get a first parish in western Nebraska than in Denver.

His passion for stamp collecting began while recovering from a tonsillectomy when he was seven.

Registered Air Mail Letter from Tanzania

“A friend of my parents, who was a WWII veteran and my mom’s high school English teacher, wrote me a letter that included some old stamps that he had from letters while serving in Europe. That got me interested in stamps. I’ve been collecting stamps since 1969. That’s nearly 50 years.”

David said that when he was too busy to collect, he’d put some stamps away as he received them, but about eight years ago, he attended the annual Lincoln Stamp Club show. Since then, he’s learned the difference between stamp collecting and postal history.

“It’s more than just collecting individual stamps and mounting them into an album. There’s a forensics element to it. It’s also about the stamp, the envelope with its markings, and why it existed in the first place.”

David said he’s now focusing on a collection of Tanzania’s post-independence definitive series of the 1960s.

David and Anne, his wife, live near Lincoln. He was an IABC member from 1997 to 2007. He rejoined last July. He runs from home. He says many of his current clients are in other parts of the country and the world. He said IABC gives him a social connection.