If You Missed It … “Transforming Lincoln Children’s Zoo”

Ryan Gross and Megan Maslonka from the Lincoln Children’s Zoo spoke to IABC Lincoln about their roles at the zoo and how it has become a popular destination for families. They made their presentation to IABC Lincoln at its professional development lunch on February 15, 2017.

A video of her presentation is posted on YouTube at Lincoln Children’s Zoo presentation (The video will open in a new tab/window.).

Ryan Gross, Lincoln Children’s Zoo Director of Creative Strategy, has over 15 years’ experience in the hospitality and attractions industry spending eight years in marketing and branding leadership roles. He understands the importance of building a strong brand by creating and maintaining consistent messages and imagery. He has held various positions with the Walt Disney Company, Lincoln Children’s Zoo and Strategic Air & Space Museum. He currently is the Director of Creative Strategy at Lincoln Children’s Zoo where he oversees creative development of all projects.

Megan Maslonka is graduate of Nebraska Wesleyan with a bachelor of fine arts and a minor in marketing. She has spent time with Firespring and currently oversees all design and branding at Lincoln Children’s Zoo. She directly oversees all of the Zoo’s social media strategy. Megan is also on the team that is developing the Zoo’s expansion branding plan. Megan is originally from Homer, Nebraska, and is engaged to her fiancé, Tyler. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, traveling and is an avid Pokemon video game player.

If You Missed It … “Telling your story through flames, purple penguins, Star-Spangled Banners, and clowns”

Mary Kay Roth is the Director of Communications at Lincoln Public Schools. She spoke to IABC Lincoln at its professional development lunch on November 16, 2016.

A video of her presentation is posted on YouTube at Mary Kay Roth presentation (The video will open in a new tab/window.).

Mary Kay Roth was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. She graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in journalism and philosophy. She worked as a newspaper reporter in Florida, New York, and Lincoln. After covering education for several years at the Lincoln Journal Star, she came to coordinate communications for Lincoln Public Schools and has served as director of Communications since 2010.  She has two grown children, a son who teaches in Kansas City and a daughter who is a geriatrics nurse in Lincoln, two adorable granddaughters, and two lunatic dogs.

If You Missed It … “What You Like Doesn’t Matter”

Charlie Stephan is an Associate Creative Director at Swanson Russell in Lincoln, Nebraska. He spoke to IABC Lincoln at its professional development lunch on October 19, 2016.

A video of her presentation is posted on YouTube at Charlie Stephan presentation (The video will open in a new tab/window.).

Charlie Stephan was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, before moving to Texas to get an advertising degree at TCU. He moved back to Lincoln in 2006 to take a job as an Associate Writer/Producer at Swanson Russell, where he continues to work today as an Associate Creative Director. Charlie is responsible for branding and communications for local clients such as Runza and Union Bank, as well as national accounts in the outdoor recreation industry. He resides in Lincoln with his wife and their furry, four-legged child.

If You Missed It … Snapchat’s New Feature for Marketing and Communications

Lacy Jo, Director of Operations, Transformation Marketing, spoke on the topic, “Snapchat’s New Feature for Marketing and Communications,” at IABC–Lincoln’s Sept. 21, 2016, professional development lunch.

A video of her presentation is posted on YouTube at Lacy Jo Donald presentation (The video will open in a new tab/window.).

She is the director of operations at Transformation Marketing, a marketing design firm that works with clients to create campaigns to increase their presence and stay consistent with their brands to increase brand awareness as well as sales. Lacy and the entire team at Transformation Marketing have made keeping up-to-date on industry standards, trends and information a high priority.
Lacy graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a bachelor’s degree in Travel and Tourism, and a minor in Visual Communications and Design. During her college career, she provided social media services for the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Classic. Lacy held the position of program director for the Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce for two years before joining the team at Transformation Marketing.
Lacy described her role at Transformation Marketing as more than a job: “I have a passion for what I do—helping build a great team at an amazing company, helping build companies by boosting brand awareness with our marketing efforts, and having a blast doing it all.”

If You Missed It … Communicating Across Cultures

Dipra Jha spoke on the topic, “Communicating Across Cultures,” at IABC–Lincoln’s June 16, 2016, professional development lunch.

He is an Assistant Professor of Practice in Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and recipient of this year’s Outstanding Teaching Award from UNL’s College of Education and Human Sciences. Recognized as an expert in tourism and luxury hospitality, his clients include communities like Nebraska City, private sector organizations like Caesars Entertainment and Las Vegas Sands Corp., as well as government entities within the United States and beyond. An avid traveler, he frequently presents at meetings and conferences around the world.

A video of his presentation is posted on YouTube at Dipra Jha presentation (Link will open in a new tab.).

If You Missed It … Pleasing Customers While Staying True to Your Brand

Sarah Wischhof spoke on the topic, “Pleasing Customers While Staying True to Your Brand,” at IABC–Lincoln’s May 19, 2016, professional development lunch.

Sarah Wischhof has over ten years of experience in the marketing field. She earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She began her career in the publishing industry, helping authors promote their books to local, regional and national media. From there, she did some freelance work Swanson Russell and then spent a few years working in the financial market—as the director of marketing for an Ameriprise Financial adviser and the marketing coordinator for Pinnacle Bank. She currently has the pleasure of serving as the Director of Marketing and Special Events for the United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County, where she gets to develop marketing strategies to demonstrate all the positive work being done in the Lincoln community.

A video of her presentation is posted on YouTube at Sarah Wischhof presentation (Link will open in a new tab.).

If You Missed It … Behind the Scenes of a TEDx Talk

Dr. Dave Whitt spoke on the topic, “Behind the Scenes of a TEDx Talk”, at IABC–Lincoln’s April 21, 2016, professional development lunch.

Dr. Dave Whitt is Professor of Communication at Nebraska Wesleyan since 1991. He’s originally from Marquette, Michigan, has a B.S. from Wayne State College, and an M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Dr. Whitt has co-edited and contributed to three books on comparative mythology. He also contributed book chapters to anthologies about the British TV series “Doctor Who” and using graphic novels and comic books in the classroom. Dr. Whitt teaches about Persuasion, Mass Media, Communication in the Professions, and Songs of Ascent: The Music and Meaning of U2.

A video of his presentation is posted on YouTube at Dr. Dave Whitt presentation (Link will open in a new tab.).

If You Missed It … “Does Your Company Belong on Pinterest?”

Ali Schwanke spoke on the topic, “Does Your Company Belong on Pinterest?”, at the February 18, 2016, professional development lunch.

Ali is a sought-after marketing consultant and strategist. She excels at helping small to medium-sized businesses and solopreneurs connect and grow their online presence. Through focused planning and creative execution, Ali brings a simple and engaging approach to marketing; one that connects people to the ideas, products, events, and causes they believe in.

She has received a number of outstanding reviews for her presentations from organizations including the AMA, LIBA, Nebraska Library Association, Southeast Community College, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, and more.

A video of his presentation is posted to Ali Schwanke presentation (Link will open in a new tab).

If You Missed It … “How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Program”

Parker Stoner, Senior Vice President Director of Database Marketing at Swanson Russell, the largest Nebraska-based marketing communications agency, made a presentation—“How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Program”—to IABC Lincoln members and guests on January 21, 2016.

A video of his presentation is posted to Parker Stoner Presentation to IABC Lincoln (Link will open in a new tab).

If You Missed It … Omaha Police Department’s Crisis Communications

Representing the Omaha Police Department, Bridget Fitzpatrick, Social Media Coordinator, and Lt. Darci Tierney, commander of the Public Information Office, shared their experiences and insights in crisis communications. They distilled the best practices and lessons learned from handling the overwhelming number of requests following the shooting death of Officer Kerrie Orozco in the line of duty.

A video of their presentation is posted to Omaha Police Department Presentation to IABC Lincoln.

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If You Missed It … UBT’s Rebranding

Why Would Any Sane Person Ever Want to Change a Logo (and Rebrand)?

What do they always say, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”? Then why would any company want to change an already strong logo and rebrand?

Kevin Keller answered that great question as he shared the ins and outs and ups and downs of Union Bank and Trust’s (UBT) recent rebranding journey with IABC Lincoln members and guests at the chapter’s September 17, 2015, breakfast meeting.

Kevin spoke about the best practices for laying out a rebranding and marketing plan, as his thirty-seven years of marketing and managerial experience include directing all marketing functions from research through delivery system analysis for one of Lincoln and Nebraska’s best-known financial institutions.

His complete presentation is available on YouTube.