Member Profile: Ryan Teller

by Cassie Martching

Teller, Ryan 015149Ryan Teller is the director of public relations for Union College.

From time to time we track down a member of the Lincoln IABC chapter and ask a few questions so you can get to know them better. This month we talked with Ryan Teller, the communication coordinator for the Lincoln chapter.

IABC: Who is your current employer? 

Teller: I work at Union College, a small private college located in southeast Lincoln. Union College offers a variety of baccalaureate degrees in 27 fields of studies including the oldest four-year nursing program in Nebraska and one of only two physician assistant studies programs in the state. Union’s unique International Rescue and Relief program is a four-year degree that teaches students wilderness survival, rescue, emergency management and emergency medical care to prepare students for careers in the medical field, public safety and project development.

IABC: What is your job title and what do you do?

Teller: My business cards says I’m the director of public relations and I’m part of a staff of four in the Marketing Communications department. My role involves managing major publications, media relations, advertising, creating marketing materials and managing video production.

IABC: Why did you join IABC? 

Teller: Some colleagues encouraged me to join some 12 years ago. I moved away from Lincoln and let my membership lapse, but then rejoined when I moved back about four years ago. I really value the connections I have made with fellow communicators in the Lincoln community through IABC.

IABC: What area of communication are you most passionate about and why?

Teller: I love to tell stories using digital tools, especially video. I have been producing videos since high school, and that has been my passion even though it has not been my primary focus through much of my career.

I believe video is the most powerful communication tool other than face-to-face conversation. The combination of audio and moving images has the ability to connect on a deeper emotional level than most other media. Plus, I get to play with lots of cool toys.

IABC: In what areas of communication do you have experience? 

Teller: Most of my career has been spent working in public relations and publication production and editing, which includes a lot of news and feature writing, media relations, photography, etc. But as I mentioned before, video and digital media are my passion, so I have found a way to stay current in those fields, too.

IABC: What do you like to do for fun?

Teller: I enjoy playing and watching sports—especially football—with my kids. I am also a licensed amateur radio operator and volunteer as a weather spotter for Lancaster County Emergency Management during severe weather season.

Right now my passion is singing with the Mighty Magic Pants, a vocal band created by Mike Mennard. We perform kid friendly music and poetry for events and organizations all over Nebraska including the Lincoln Children’s Museum, Nebraska State Fair, Arbor Days, Homestead Days and many more. You can find out more about the band at

IABC: Tell us about your family.

Teller: I have been married to Tawnya, my high school sweetheart, for more than 17 years. She home schools our four children, ages 7-13, and works as the booking manager for the Mighty Magic Pants.

IABC: How long have you lived in the Lincoln area?

Although I was born just across the river in Council Bluffs, I didn’t move to Lincoln until 1994 to study communication at Union College. After graduation I worked in Lincoln for eight years and then spent some time in Fort Worth, Texas, before returning to Lincoln in 2009.