Member Profile: Jerry Krueger

by Cassie Martsching

Jerry Krueger is the new co-coordinator for IABC Lincoln.

From time to time we track down a member of the Lincoln IABC chapter and ask a few questions so you can get to know them better. This month we talked with Jerry Krueger, who currently serves as the co-coordinator (a.k.a. vice president) of our chapter.

IABC: Who is your current employer? What is the principal business of your company?

Jerry: I work for Leadership Resources. We work with organizations that believe success lies within the strategic intentions of their leadership team and the productivity of their people. By combining proven talent development processes with accountability systems, our services produce positive behavioral and cultural changes, leading to increased engagement and measurable results.

IABC: What is your job title? Please briefly describe what you do. 

Jerry: I am the Vice President of Business Development. I work to establish new relationships with leaders and organizations, and to create high-payback solutions that meet their development needs. My twenty-five years of professional experience in organizational improvement and marketing initiatives helps me to excel in this role and allows me to provide the very best service for my clients.

IABC: Why did you join IABC? 

Jerry: I joined IABC to take advantage of the wonderful professional development and networking opportunities. IABC is the only professional development organization, that I’m aware of, that caters to all communication professionals, regardless of their specialization. I find this to be especially appealing, and it’s the primary reason why I choose to continue investing in IABC membership.

IABC: What area of communication are you most passionate about and why? 

Jerry: The area of communications I’m most passionate about is marketing communications because I’m in a business development (sales) role. I don’t believe an organization can attain sustained sales success without the support of great marketing.

IABC: In what area of communication do you have the most experience and/or skill? Why? 

Jerry: The area of communication in which I have the most experience and skill is marketing communications. Prior to taking my present job, I held a marketing position at a global organization for twenty-two years. While in this role, I developed and managed numerous corporate marketing initiatives aimed at producing increased brand and product awareness among key target audiences. I had the good fortune of being able to direct scores of mass marketing campaigns using web, direct mail, email and event strategies.

IABC: What do you like to do for fun?

Jerry: In my free time I like to read, exercise, cook, taste wine and watch college football. I don’t really have any hobbies unless seeking out and finding new wines to taste, and new food recipes to match them with, can be considered a hobby.

IABC: Tell us about your family.

Jerry: My wife, Cheryl, and I just celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary. Cheryl is a sales executive with Windstream Communications. She’s my closest advisor and supporter and I couldn’t have asked for a more fantastic life-partner. We are blessed with two wonderful children. Alexa (27) is single and gainfully employed as an art teacher at a local preschool. Chase (21) is also single and a third-year student at UNL.

IABC: How long have you lived in the Lincoln area?

Jerry: We moved to Lincoln from Fort Collins, Colorado, in June of 1984. So we’ve called Lincoln home for the past twenty-nine years.

IABC: Is there anything else you’d like the IABC membership to know about you?

Jerry: I would like my fellow members to know that I’m passionate about their professional development. Reach out to me any time you want to discuss. I want to know how you think IABC can better serve you, and provide you with the best in professional development experiences.


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