Member Profile: Janet Denison

From time to time we track down a member of the Lincoln IABC chapter and ask a few questions so you can get to know them better. This month we talked with Janet Denison, who currently serves as the president of our chapter.

Janet Denison
Janet Denison

IABC: Janet, thanks for answering a few questions for the members of IABC Lincoln. First off, who is your current employer? Tell us about your business.

Janet: I actually own my company, Vision Exhibits, along with my husband. I also serve as president, marketing manager, creative director, exhibit designer, installation supervisor, production, janitorial … you name it. We provide trade show exhibits and branded environment solutions for businesses of all sizes nationwide. The majority of my job is working with clients to create trade show exhibits and office graphics that meet the branding needs and budget.

IABC: Why did you join IABC?

Janet: I love the opportunity to meet people, develop professionally, to learn from the best communicators around and help grow my business. I am a graphic designer by trade, so I always felt the need to improve my written and oral communication skills—even more so when I became an account rep at an agency. My IABC connections and preparing Quill Award entries have helped immensely.

IABC: What area of communication are you most passionate about and why?

Janet: Visual communication stirs me to be creative. I love the challenge of finding solutions for my clients and meeting their hard and fast deadlines.

IABC: In what area of communication do you have the most experience or skill?

Janet: My experience is mostly in visual communication. I’ve designed logos, print materials, exhibits, display graphics and office environments for more than 30 years. Although I age myself when I reveal that I “set type” on a Compugraphic 7700; produced artwork on a drawing board with a t-square, Rapidograph pens, design markers, and a waxer; shot veloxes and developed negatives in darkroom trays, then stripped them and burned plates; that experience has really been the foundation of all my experience and career growth. I’ve worked first-hand with printers in the pressroom, installers at trade shows, in a sign shop, and numerous other hands-on production projects all within only three businesses in my entire career. That was a lot of opportunity.

IABC: What do you like to do for fun?

Janet: I like to paint with watercolors and incorporate calligraphy. Timothy Botts’ scriptural artwork really inspires me. I don’t paint enough, but I’m trying to rekindle the talent and master the skills again. I also like to can salsa and cook for a group of people. While not related in anyway, both are time-spenders that allow me to see a big accomplishment when I’m done.

IABC: Tell us about your family.

Janet: My husband of 32 years, Scott Denison, is also my business partner. Together, we live on a farm near Holland, Neb., where we raised three daughters, Jennifer (28), and Karin and Kaylin (twins, 24). All are married, so they’ve blessed me with fine sons-in-law. We have one grand daughter, Lydia, who is the absolute joy of our lives.

IABC: How long have you lived in the Lincoln area?

Janet: I grew up on a farm outside of Cortland, Neb. I lived in Lincoln during college and my first few years of marriage before moving to Holland in 1983.

IABC: Is there anything else you’d like the IABC membership to know about you?

Janet: I truly appreciate the membership of IABC Lincoln. I have had the opportunity to get to know so many people and have developed long-term friendships with a number of people whom I admire and respect. The more I’ve been involved in serving on the leadership team and in volunteer opportunities, the more I’ve expanded my network. There is no better chapter or organization than IABC Lincoln.

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